The New York Post has an interesting article pointing out former President Bill Clinton’s not so subtle smear against John McCain here. Reportedly old Bubbe said:

“It’s like if you know anyone who’s ever a POW for any length of time,you will see that [they] go along for months or even years and then something will happen that will trigger all those bad dreams.”

Real classy Bill. In other words, you better watch out for the folks who might have been a prisoner-of-war, we know that they are all on the verge of snapping any way and you can’t trust them. As the Post points out, this is such an ignorant stereotype it ranks up there with watermelon and fried chicken. Apparently Bill’s exposure to former POWs is limited to those strange guys you run into on the streets who are talking to themselves and happen to be wearing military fatigues. I’m guessing that Clinton doesn’t really pal around with any actual fomer POWs. Its hilarious that these leftards think they can hit McCain on his military service.

This is just classic Clintonian political tactics. Never make a direct accusation, never confront your opponent head on; instead use innuendo, surrogates or underhanded comments in an effort to disparage your opponent. It didn’t work so well against Obama because the MSM actually called the Clintons when they attempted to play this kind of dirty political pool. Now, of course, the MSM is back providing cover for Bill, allowing him to say whatever he wants. Technorati Tags: ,