The Beverly Farms, Massachusetts 4th of July Horribles Parade went to a new low this year. A float making fun of the Gloucester girls involved in the ‘pregnancy pact’ was so vulgar that pictures of it couldn’t be shown on television. But then again, the whole idea of a ‘pregnancy pact’ is pretty vulgar itself. Read about it below and see photos and a couple of videos of the parade.

Beverly Farm, Massachusetts residents held their annual “Horribles Parade” this weekend and the inhabitants of Gloucester are outraged. Seems the good folks in Beverly decided to poke fun at the 17 juvenile delinquents that purposely got pregnant while still in school and unmarried.

Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk is demanding an apology. Kirk stated: “Gloucester is deeply offended by certain individuals trivializing and making a mockery of teenage pregnancy.”

This is a private parade and not city sponsored. There were three floats with demeaning messages for the 17 future members of the “irresponsible welfare mothers of America club.” There has to be a club like that somewhere in order for any of this trashy and idiotic behavior to make a modicum of sense, right?

These 17 pieces of ignorant trash decided to make a mockery out of motherhood, family, and marriage and we are supposed to sit by and shrug it off? I don’t know when people decided it was ok just to do whatever the hell you wanted, when you wanted to … and I had no say so in that. I am fed up with having other’s immorality and lack of scruples and ethics shoved in my face.

I have never, and will never accept the “no commitment” attitude. If you can’t or won’t make a commitment to a spouse, where do you get off deciding you can make one to a baby … especially when you are uneducated and still in school? Where has self respect gone? Do these teens really think we want our taxes going toward the support of them and their offspring?

We used to have pride in ourselves, we had goals and dreams. We treasured family values … and now any ol’ hootchie mama ho can drop their drawers, get pregnant and demand a baby shower? What the hell is wrong with that picture? Where are the parents of these brain challenged miscreants? Why can’t we demand they take care of all the bills … make them pay to build an all pregnant – all the time high school … where like can mingle with like? I certainly don’t want my offspring associating with people lacking in morals, in faith, and in judgment.

While the people of Gloucester may have thought it was disrespectful, why would they think they deserve anything else? People who deliberately create welfare babies with no regard for how they will raise them certainly don’t deserve any praise or acceptance. What will these children’s future be like? They will probably perpetuate the syndrome and get pregnant at 16 like their own mothers. I applaud the students of Beverly Farms for having the guts to tell it like it is without worrying about political correctness.

The Mayor of Gloucester should be recalled by the voters of that morally bankrupt town. It was her policies, the Gloucester School Committee’s policies, and the principal of Knock-me-Up High, whose liberal social experiments in sex education, condom distribution, birth-control to minors without the consent or advisement of the parents, that set the stage for the disaster of 17 unwed tramps roaming the halls of the high school pushing baby carriages.

Sex education is the sole job of the parents. Sometimes parents fail at it but when they do its generally one instance. When the government, via the school system, fails its 17 instances. The government seldom does anything real well. Why would we want them teaching our children about sex?

Horribles Parade – Video

Horribles Parade – Video

photo source: video screen shots