Meet Dmitry Medvedev, President of Russia. Today he met with President George W. Bush at the G8 Summit in Japan, discussing Iran and a missile defense system for Europe. Read his biography, see photos and a video below.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and President George W. Bush said they will continue to work together to block Iran’s uranium enrichment efforts while indicating they made little progress on bridging differences over the U.S. plans to deploy a missile defense system in Europe.

The meeting, which lasted more than an hour, was the first between the two since Medvedev took over from Vladimir Putin in May. They met previously when Bush traveled to Russia in April for talks with Putin on U.S. plans to install a missile-defense system in Eastern Europe.

Relations between the two countries have been strained over the anti-missile system and expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to include former Soviet bloc nations.

“There are issues on which we are making progress, such as Iran and North Korea, and there are issues on which we are stalled, such as the missile shield plans, certain European issues and some other problems,�? Medvedev said, stressing that “if we have the desire then we can resolve these issues, too.�?

Medvedev, like Putin, opposes U.S. plans to build a missile-defense system in the Czech Republic and Poland, saying it would threaten Russia. President Bush says it is intended to defend against a missile attack by a rogue nation such as Iran.

Dmitry Medvedev Biography

Dmitry Medvedev was born on September 14, 1965 in Kupchino, a working-class district of Leningrad now called Saint Petersburg. His age is 42. Both of his parents were university professors.

He graduated from the Law School of Leningrad State University in 1987 and in 1990 received his PhD in private law from the same university. In 1991 – 1996 Medvedev worked as a legal expert for the “International Relations Committee” of the Saint Petersburg Mayor’s Office headed by Vladimir Putin, an “advisor” to the then mayor.

In November 1999 Medvedev became one of several people from St. Petersburg brought up by Vladimir Putin (who was preparing to replace Boris Yeltsin as acting Prime Minister) into top government positions in Moscow. In December of that same year he was appointed deputy head of the presidential staff.

Dmitry Medvedev became one of the politicians closest to President Putin, and during the 2000 elections he was head of Putin’s presidential election campaign headquarters. He held a number of political appointments for the next few years in the Putin Administration and in November 2005, he was appointed by President Putin as his First Deputy Prime Minister.

Medvedev, Putin’s preferred successor, was elected President of Russia on March 2, 2008 and sworn in as the third President of Russia on May 7th. According to final election results, he won 70.28% of votes with a turnout of over 69.78% of registered voters. The fairness of the election was disputed, with official monitoring groups giving conflicting reports. Though they found a number of irregularities, there were no reports of fraud or ballot stuffing. Most agreed that the results did indeed reflected the will of the people.

Medvedev is married to Svetlana Vladimirovna Linnik, who was both his childhood friend and school sweetheart. They were married in 1982 and have a son named Ilya who was born in 1996.

An interesting fact about Dmitry Medvedev is that he is a huge fan of hard rock, saying Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin are his favorite bands. He even collects their original vinyls! Cool.

Dmitry Medvedev Video