The Castle Law, otherwise known as the Castle Doctrine, has been in the news lately because of the Texas case of Joe Horn who shot and killed burglars while on the telephone with a 911 operator who was telling him not to shoot. A Texas grand jury did not indict Horn on any charges. Read more about it below and see a video and photos.

Texans, still shooting the bad guys. The Castle Law was put to the test this past week when a man shot two burglars for taking his neighbors belongings. The police dispatcher on the phone repeatedly told the man not to confront the burglars. The man said, “I’m gonna kill him�? about the burglar in his view. But the torn man thought to himself, “what would John Wayne do?�? Naturally the man rushed out to defend his neighbor’s property. According to the dispatcher recording, the man yelled “move you’re dead.�? It was never mentioned in any articles whether the two illegal immigrant burglars could understand English, but naturally they understood the man’s shotgun and started to run. Three shotgun rounds later, the suspects were dead. The shooter, Joe Horn, was cleared of all charges citing the Castle Law.

It is my personal opinion that the Castle Law needs revision. This scenario could have been two Mexican furniture movers moving his neighbors things out of his house. However, in this case, it turned out to be the real thing. The Castle Law was lucky with this case. But it was due in part of the fact that the good guy won and the bad guy lost, just as the law was written to do. I believe that some revisions need to be made, for instance, that the Castle be one’s own home unless written permission is granted for protection of one’s property over a certain specified time period, to prevent a furniture mover’s massacre. However, this in no way should be a step towards repealing this law.

The Castle Law is a common sense survival law. It gives somebody the ability to protect themselves without the need to ask if they are armed and without the fear of getting sued. The Castle Law allows people to feel safe in their home. It erases the fine line between violent criminal and home invasion. Are we really expected to give the burglar a chance to get away and hurt somebody else another day? That stops now. Although I believe that the case of Joe Horn is as extreme of an example as there should ever be. The fact remains, that the punishment for burglary is death? Do you think this new sentence is going to dissuade some criminals? I do. And the rest, we found a way to cut prison costs.

The Castle Law – Video