I recently came accross the following cartoon by Clay Bennett (www.claybennett.com). It really spoke to me and inspired me to write a little piece.

This cartoon suggests that global warming and nuclear power are both monsters. However, as with anything in life, a choice must be made. In the case of this cartoon, the lesser evil is nuclear power. Why do I say that nuclear power is a monster? I say this simply because any time man creates electricity he does a little bit of environmental damage whether it be mining, clearing of land, affecting wildlife, etc… It just so happens that nuclear power’s monster lies with its nuclear waste. However, this nuclear waste is containable and can be seen as a small tolerable monster when its compared to the damage that global warming can do to our Earth. Some people think that global warming is completely made up. Of course these people don’t believe that humans can possibly hurt the Earth. However, we have seen it before with CFC’s in aerosol cans. We can hurt the Earth, especially when we do things in excess. Of course, burning millions of pounds of coal a year falls into the excessive category. Nuclear Power is not the evil that it was made out to be in the 80’s. Time has shown that. When one thinks about the technology that has been made availabe to the public in the last 20 to 30 years, one can only imagine the technologies new Nuclear Power plants will bring with it to ensure the safety of the public. Nuclear Power is ready and willing to show us a future that future generations can enjoy for many years.