Cultural Lessons for Obama

Meet Sandeela Kanwal, the 25 year old American woman who was killed by her Muslim father, Chaudhry Rashid.

She was attempting to leave an arranged marriage that her father had forced her into recently. For this alone, the 25-year old woman was brutally strangled by her fanatical father with her own necklace. He is Pakistani, where the mistreatment of women including honor killings are commonplace.

In a narrow sense, the arranged marriage and resulting horror has little to do with the U.S. presidential election. But the act will again call voters to question Barack Obama’s belief that he can win friends in the Islamic world merely by talking sweetly with them. That view may ultimately be attributed as naive and a product of political inexperience.

And that is because the growing conflict between Islamic and Western cultures is not necessarily solved by academic reason. There is an undeniable clash occurring that exists whether you are inside the United States or abroad. The clash is not of our choosing. It was not caused by our actions. It has nothing to do with invading Iraq, supporting free-peoples, or talking more nicely as Obama seems to believe. The problem exists here as it does elsewhere.

The fundamental issue is that Western culture is a threat to religious fanatics who do not share our compassionate world view, whether they live in Georgia or 8,000 miles away in Pakistan. This is the lesson of Sandeela Kanwal, killed in the tradition of that fundamentalist culture right in the heartland of America. Our liberalized culture threatens them, a reality that Obama may be unwilling to face. What does Barack Obama say to the women who are victimized?

There is very little known about Sandeela Kanwal’s biography. She was 25-years old with her whole life in front of her. She was living with her parents in Clayton County, Georgia, while she had not seen her gifted husband for months. He lives in Chicago.

Her mother Gina Rashid called paramedics when she discovered her daughter’s body at 2am on July 6th, 2008. Her daughter was pronounced dead at 3am.

Video is here.