Scooter Libby must be shaking his head by now. 550 metric tons of yellow cake uranium was removed from Iraq over the last few months in a clandestine operation by US and Canadian forces. The highly purified uranium was guarded by US and Iraqi forces until a means to stabilize and remove the substance was formulated. While the yellowcake itself must be further purified for use in a nuclear weapon, it is clear that the uranium was not in Iraq for peaceful purposes. It was housed at Tuwaitha and was apparently brought into the country prior to 1991. Tuwaitha is the installation where Iraqi citizens were stealing uranium drums to use for water storage soon after the arrival of Coalition troops. The Iraqi government sold the uranium to a Canadian company Cameco for processing into reactor fuel.

Now that the news is out, some in the Canadian peace and environmental movement, such as Greenpeace are angered by the secret shipments, calling on the Canadian government to explain to the public why such dangerous cargo was transported to the Cameco processing center at Port Hope. I guess they would rather the substance be in the middle of Iraq? Typical. has the story.