A wax figure of Hitler was beheaded in Berlin earlier today at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum grand opening there. Read about it below and see photos and a video of the news story.

Adolf Hitler committed suicide 63 years ago, yet he still rouses enormous passion and contempt in people throughout the world. That was no where more evident than in Berlin earlier today when a man rushed past security, jumped the ropes to enter the wax Hitler exhibit, jumped across a table behind which the likeness of Hitler sat and pulled the wax head off the wax Hitler. All of this happened within moments of the opening of the exhibit.

Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in Berlin had their grand opening on Saturday. There has been controversy leading up to the opening over their intention of including a wax Hitler among the 75 exhibits in the museum. The opposing sides in the controversy have argued back and forth for a while now. One side stating that having his figure in the museum gives Hitler should not have any likenesses of him made in any way as it gives him an aura of honor he doesn’t deserve. It also is a violation of German law to reproduce anything that has anything to do with the Nazi party, have Nazi paraphernalia or create any art glorifying Hitler. Others were concerned that it would become a pilgrimage for Neo-Nazis and other unsavory characters.

Those on the other side of the controversy argued that there is no denying that Hitler is an historical figure and therefore should be included as part of Germany’s history. The museum assured that they would take extra precautions so that he would not be perceived in a positive way. They had him depicted in his end days as a broken and defeated man, hunched over his desk in his bunker tracking the advance of allied troops deep into Germany.

The second person to enter the museum this morning was a 41-year-old unidentified man from Kreuzberg who decapitated the wax figure. He will face charges of causing damage to property and bodily harm. The figure was removed from the exhibit and its not yet known if it can be repaired. The exhibit originated at London-based Tussauds headquarters. The was Hitler cast 200,000 euros, $313,000, and took 25 workers four months to complete.

The desk at which the wax Hitler sat is now empty, which is perhaps an appropriate partial statement of his legacy.

Hitler was a man who swept people away with rhetoric so eloquent that the people didn’t really pay attention to his message. It wasn’t until later that the true evil in the man was revealed for all to see. Evil disguised behind powerful words that entranced the people. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from his life, his rise to power and his ultimate defeat.

Its dangerous to deny and/or forget the place he has in history.

Wax Hitler – Video