There has been speculation about this for a couple of weeks now, but it turns out that the birth certificate hosted on Daily Kos and then subsequently on Obama’s own web page was indeed a forgery. You can read more about this revelation here. There has been many efforts by independent journalists and private investigators regarding this birth certificate for weeks now. I have been convinced, based on the pixalation of the birth certificate, that the letters have been manipulated by some kind of photo editing software. Anyone who has done that kind of work knows what to look for. Now we have some fairly solid evidence thanks in part to an admission by a document specialist trained by the Department of Homeland Security and also a KOS blogger. I would recommend reading this story, it is very compelling and interesting.

The question brought up by this revelation is what exactly is Obama trying to hide? At first I thought all this hullabaloo about Obama’s BC was way over done. I found it akin to the allegations that McCain was not eligible to be President because he was not born in the United States. So too, I thought this talk about Obama fell in the same category. However, now I do have to wonder exactly what the story is here. Obama’s smear site has posted this same forged birth certificate, if they wanted to really “fight the smear” why not just scan a copy of the original birth certificate (with raised seal, etc.) on the site? Wouldn’t that be the best way to dispel all the rumors? Of course, let me add my usual disclaimer, this is of course a simple distraction from hopechangery, nothing to see here I’m sure.