Have you noticed a (not so) subtle change in FOX News lately? If CNN was once the “Clinton News Network? perhaps FOX should now be dubbed the Obama News Network. While I’ve been staying at the Larian (the best place to stay in Tombstone) I’ve been stuck with MSNBC and CNN. I’ve been picking FOX up on my blasted XM (I hate that thing). It is rather remarkable. I am beginning to think that John McCain is getting better coverage and more equal time on CNN.


FOX does “Fair and Balanced? – allegedly. The problem with the FOX version of ‘Fair and Balanced? is they are now tossing a fairly reasonable moderate liberal against hard-line extreme conservatives. Does anyone actually think Bay Buchanan is fair, balanced, and reasonable? She is as hard-line far right as is her goose-stepping, wallowing with Nazis brother. I have noticed that FOX may have dropped him.

Laura Ingraham’s new show is – well, it’s just plain vile. Her voice sounds like a nasal version of some wailing tom cat intent on impressing the world with his prowess. I pity anyone interviewed by her. She never shuts up and treats her increasingly far right line-up like they were gods, serving up soft ball questions, while treating anyone she disagrees with like dirt. There is nothing fair nor balanced in a show that consists of Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter critiquing John McCain.

Why not have less obnoxious conservatives who truly are not part of the mainstream and use more Republicans?


Did you know we were having a gas crises?

Is FOX covering anything else? I’ve noticed on other networks there is a constant stream of news occurring in the country, but FOX seems to be on a playback loop. They throw Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham out at their fawning fans to claim they are ‘Fair and Balanced’ and that’s about it – then go back to the high price of gas.

Yes, gas is expensive. They highlight the liberal prayers at the pump. Don’t ever think this is a conservative gig. They discuss the smaller cars. Have you even heard one economist mention the fact that if your SUV (mine is a Durango) is paid for, you are going to end up spending a heck of a lot more money to trade it in just to get an additional 10 MPG? That’s conservative. No, we hear this ongoing barrage of sob stories about people who are sure the world is coming to an end. I’d love to hear just one report on how much a person could save buying a new SUV right now. (I have a small car which I don’t even drive. It gets 28MPG on the highway and 19MPG in town. My Durango gets 16MPG in town. I’ll drive the Durango).

The way I figure it, right now, where I live, I’m paying about $1.00 more per gallon than I was a year ago. My solution, I stay home one additional day a week and that takes care of it. I’m not wringing my hands – until I go shopping. Have you yet to hear a report on FOX about the problems associated with higher gas prices and the inflation?

Frankly, I’m much more concerned about the inflationary aspects of the higher prices of gas than the actual cost of the gas.


Why does FOX slavishly cover Barack Obama’s speeches, seemingly in full, but just cuts into a McCain speech for a moment, if they even cover it at all. The other day they were giving Obama all their adoration with that Call to Service Speech. I noticed CNN and MSNBC did not even mention he was giving a speech.

(Of course FOX may have been trying to highlight the chillingly fascist aspects of the speech, but somehow I doubt it.)

Once again, listening via XM while having CNN on mute, I discovered that FOX doesn’t seem to be covering the McCain campaign as much as they do Obama. When FOX covers McCain their coverage is far more negative than their coverage of Obama. Why?


There’s one other thing I’ve noticed with CNN and FOX. All the on camera women are cute, thin, usually blond, and have killer make-up. They’ve even made Laura Ingraham look glamorous, and that’s a monumental task. Over on CNN they seem to employ actual female journalists. They aren’t cute. They aren’t thin. They aren’t all blond. They aren’t glamorous. But – they do appear to be real journalists with real brains. I’m not talking the on-air parrots who continually read the usual news feed-back loops, but the ‘experts’ CNN brings in during the evening.


I don’t know what my “new? news habits are going to be. I do know I am disgusted with FOX. It seems to me that there is a pro-Obama agenda here and they are going to do what is necessary to make John McCain look bad.

The question is why?

What has changed?