In a letter to supporters today, John McCain issued the following statement:

As Americans, we are blessed to live in a free country that affords its citizens liberty and prosperity that people in other countries will never know. John McCain is proud to be an American and is constantly inspired by people he meets around the country who share in his love of our nation and all it represents.

During this Independence Day weekend, please take a moment to honor America and all that we are. Also, remember our military servicemen and women who are protecting our freedom across the globe and fighting for those who do not have the liberty our great country provides. Let us never forget those who have sacrificed before us to protect the United States and the values we hold dear.

[emphasis in original]

Given his sacrifices during the Vietnam War, the last line was particularly poignant.

Barack Obama issued the following 4th of July statement:

……………. ……. …

I searched for 1/2 hour on Obama’s webpage and could not find a 4th of July Statement. Nor could I find one anywhere on the web. Would those of you that might receive information from the Obama campaign, please forward his statement if he sent one out. I would love to change the above title to “John McCain and Barack Obama Issue 4th of July Messages.”

Happy 4th from all the Punditeers here at Right Pundits! Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend. Happy Birthday America!

***Update*** lisab posted a transcript below of Obama’s speech in Montana. One quote is:

I have discovered and I know Michelle has seen the same thing, the American people are proud, and resilient and the core values that built this country, of hard work, and family, and community and responsibility, those values still thrive all across America. And so, so on this day, when we celebrate this great nation of ours it is worth reminding ourselves that what makes this country great, is not the size of our military or the size of our economy, or the big buildings that we have, what makes us great is its people, and all of you are part of what I celebrate when I think about America, your families, what you’ve done working hard, not only to look after your families but also to make this great country of ours, so thank you very much butte montana.

Now we can compare and contrast the two candidates’ statements…. Thank you lisab!