Carole Rome, recently divorced from Blue Star Jets CEO Todd Rome, agreed to marry Florida’s Governor Charles Crist yesterday. The couple met 9 months ago, and as Charlie’s own father puts it, she (Rome) has his full attention right now and he is quite fond of her”.

What … no glowing words of love??? I’m fond of coffee but marriage never crossed my mind.

Carole Rome is 38 years old. She and ex-hubby Todd share custody of their 9 and 11 year old daughters.

Charlie Crist’s girlfriend is a 1992 honors graduate of Georgetown University who became president of her family’s century-old Halloween business in 2000 after her father passed away. She added a line of “sexy” Halloween costumes to Franco American Novelty Co. LLC’s goods and works with her mother and sister.

She has been a resident of Miami Florida since 2006. Charlie Crist has been a bachelor about town since his brief (1979-1980) marriage ended.

Her future hubby is also rumored to be on the short list of Sen. John McCain’s VP candidates, and some are viewing this engagement with a bit of skepticism. The radical left wing nuts are convinced that the Governor is gay, and this is just a cover up.

I wonder since these are the same people promoting the gay agenda, what their problem is, exactly. All of a sudden he can’t be gay and married to a woman?

Frankly, what he does in his bedroom doesn’t concern me, nor should it concern you.

Gov. Crist’s father, Dr. Charles Crist says there’s no pressure, and his son would never go into a serious relationship with Carole Rome just to meet public expectations about what’s proper for a governor or a potential vice president.

Be that as it may, perhaps we should all stay out of it and just congratulate the happy couple on their engagement. An intimate fall wedding has been discussed, but nothing is set in stone yet.

Stay tuned.