The body of Brooke Bennett, missing 12-year-old girl from Vermont, has been found close to her uncles home. The circumstances of her abduction, rape and murder are horrific. Her uncle, convicted sex offender Michael Jacques, had murdered her while initiating her into a child sex ring. Read more below and see a photo and video of Brooke below.

Brooke Bennett. The name itself conjures up images of an innocent child. There is a softness to it, along with a touch of elegance. It is a sweet name, belonging to another deceased child …. another victim of the pedophiles and their *community*.

From reading the websites in the pedophile community, I have learned more than I might have wanted to know about that community. The paedo’s express concerned about the welfare of Brooke’s uncle, Michael Jacques, and Brooke’s stepfather, Raymond Gagnon. Their focus is not on the sadistic and brutal rape and murder of this precious 12-year-old, but on what they believe the true injustice to be. In their *heart* and *soul*, they believe if there was no stigma attached to child porn, child rape, and if it were legal, Brooke would still be alive. If those of us, known to the paedo’s as the *anti’s* would just leave them alone, and understand that even a smiling infant is consenting to sex, the world would be a better place. They really don’t want to hurt children … it is the anti’s fault when harm occurs.

They believe that most adults secretly agree with them, or there would be no market for child porn. They think if Mama puts a 2 piece bathing suit on a toddler, it’s done for the sole purpose of enticing them, and silently giving permission for them to rape your child. I mean, why else would you have a toddler in a 2 piece suit??? Are you feeling a bit queasy about now?

They cite the sexualization of our most innocent as a reason to continue their perversions. They constantly question why we dress our children as little adults. I question that, too. Recent ads for clothing for a 5-year-old turned up dresses described as *low cut *, *enhances waistline *. It’s enough to make this Grandmother cry.

It seems most do not take pedophilia seriously. Most are of the mind that it can’t happen to their kids, that they are immune to such tragedies. They are not.

We also have people that just look the other way … mostly women, that tend to become deaf, dumb and blind at the first hint that all is not well in the home …. that their son, or daughter might be a victim. These women are usually in survival mode, dependent on the male for everything, from food to drugs. They allow their children to be exposed to the vile child predator because it’s easier for them. They become so desperate for a man that nothing else matters … and your average low-life predator knows just how to seek out, find and ingratiate himself to a woman like that.

Michael Jacques was listed on the Vermont registry of sex offenders. He was married to Denise, a sister of Brooke Bennett’s mother Cassandra. He served time for raping a CHILD.

I don’t believe our sex offender registries are working the way they were meant to. Almost anyone can wind up on one, for damn near any reason and it happens way to often.

We have so many that plead no contest to some inane charge, or someone lies about something … and it’s easier to take a plea than risk hard prison time. It happens more than you think. My own quiet, isolated little corner of the world had a case where an 80-year-old took a plea because he was afraid he would die in prison. The 3 girls that accused him later recanted … they were angry with him for being chased off his property, and yet he remains on the registry. This is but one case.

On the other hand, we have Jacques, admitted and convicted pedophile, that is allowed to be released early from prison, and without supervision. He is alleged to be the rapist/murderer of tiny Brooke, along with her stepfather Ray Gagnon. These men were allowed constant access to Brooke and other children, and are thought to be part of a large scale child prostitution ring. These rings are orchestrated by your pedophile community and they are everywhere and we can no longer look away.

Every day … almost every hour, some needy, clingy woman puts her child/children at risk. They refuse to listen to the statistics and facts, and are the first to scream they can’t believe “he did this to my baby.”

I don’t know what the solution is. I do know the longer I live, the more I believe that we have to start licensing parents, and neutering/spaying those that just don’t give a damn.

Pedophilia is not a disease, so there is no cure. It is a mindset … of people that are evil to the core. SCOTUS has ruled we can’t give them the death penalty, and many state courts just want to give them rehabilitation time. They cannot be rehabilitated.

Wouldn’t it be great if people put the same energy and time towards stopping pedophilia and child porn that people seem to put into making a man an icon and then president? Where are our priorities?

What will it take, to make us as a society, unite and eliminate pedophilia and child abuse???

The next victim could very well be one of your own children. Think about it.

Brooke Bennett – Video