Here is the story of Chris Satullo, a Barack Obama supporter and former editorial page editor for the Philadelphia Inquirer. He is a columnist who endorsed Obama in April, and then dis-endorsed the United States in July.

Satullo did a most unusual thing on the eve of our nation’s birthday. Instead of reflecting on 232 years of spectacularly successful democracy, he urges his readers to boycott July 4th, hang no flags, avoid the celebratory fireworks and patriotic parades, and say no thankful prayer.

Coming from the so-called “mainstream media,” moderates and conservatives might easily dismiss him as a fringe liberal seeking attention in a publication with diminishing circulation. After all, 90% of reporters are Democrats. Ho-hum. But in this case, the reporter is a prominent Barack Obama supporter whose message is professionally crafted. He endorsed Obama over Hillary Clinton in a long column that manages never to explain why.

In a piece of inflammatory anti-American journalism titled “A not-so-glorious Fourth,” Satullo inadvertently reminds everyone of why elements of the far-left rallied to Barack Obama’s side over a year ago when he was not given a chance in the primary contests and was refreshingly honest about his beliefs. He cites the usual suspects: the Iraq war, Abu Ghraib prison, Guantanamo, foggy accusation of torture, and a host of other pet peeves to damn the United States people.

Satullo specifically urges us to avoid patriotic symbols, which is particularly ironic since Obama himself had avoided flag-pins until this very week when he finally succumbed to political realities. He says that America is a sinner nation which does not deserve a holiday. Other sites are already on him, which must cause the Obama campaign fits as they attempt to carefully control their message.

This sort of poisonous rhetoric clearly does Obama no favors, for it conjures up old images of Obama’s reluctance to stand at attention for the Pledge of Allegiance and his reticence in embracing patriotic symbols. To his credit, Obama has recently tried to pull away from the Chris Satullos of the world as he makes a necessary dive toward the political middle.

As a biography, Chris Satullo was born in Cleveland and is married with children. He actually fancies himself a “centrist” although we can find no record of this centrist endorsing a Republican for president. Perhaps to his credit, the Philadelphia Inquirer adopted a policy of including right-of-center editorials under his watch. Satullo stepped down as editorial page editor in 2007 and remained as a columnist. His self-biography is here.