There’s a gun fight coming to a head in Atlanta, Georgia and its getting ugly. Its all about an extension of the Georgia concealed carry law that went into effect today. Read about it below and see a video about gun laws.

Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin held a press conference this morning to let the world know that Atlanta would not abide by a Georgia State Law that went into effect today expanding the right to carry concealed weapons in public places. She and officials at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta said they would not allow guns in the airport. The law doesn’t allow guns past security points in the airport, but does allow licensed gun owners to legally carry arms into the terminal area. So that is where the mayor and the airport officials decided to make their stand. They went so far as to declare they would arrest anyone who showed up at the airport with a gun.

The mayor and Airport General Manager Ben DeCosta were promptly served with a 10-page lawsuit for violating state law. The lawsuit was filed by John Monroe, an attorney for the gun rights group and Republican state Representative Tim Bearden of Villa Rica.

Its hard for me to grasp what the problem is, seeing as I was raised around guns and most of the people I know carry guns pretty much every where they go. I understand that there’s a lot of people out there who are afraid of guns. I believe that is because they don’t know how to handle guns properly and only see gun violence on television. They don’t really understand that guns deter much more crime than they create. If a criminal is going to rob someone and had a choice between a little old lady with a gun on her hip or a man walking down the street in a tie-dyed teeshirt with a peace sign on the front, which one do you think would get robbed? Personally, I wouldn’t mess with the gun-totting little old lady. Its really that simple.

Criminals almost inevitably pick ‘gun free zones’ to perpetrate their crimes. Is it really that hard to figure out why? If you declare your town or school to be a ‘gun free zone’ then you might as well post an advertisement for criminals to come on over. The lessons of this have been taught over and over again in the annals of gun crime in America.

Another issue of contention here is the ongoing animosity between the City of Atlanta and the rest of Georiga. I was born and raised in Atlanta, but there are very few people living in Atlanta who are actually native Atlantans. What most people in Atlanta don’t realize is that the rest of the state is very tired of Atlanta legislating the rest of the state. Many laws are conjured up in Atlanta and imposed on the rest of the state just don’t apply to the rest of the state. The people of Atlanta also suck up all the water and resources from the rest of the state and people get pretty tired of it. And I haven’t even started on how people feel about the taxes paid by the state to help support Atlanta. Whoops. I’m getting on a tangent and this was about guns at the Atlanta airport.

It’ll be interesting to see what tomorrow brings at the Atlanta airport. I wonder if Shirley Franklin will hold back the gun-totting public who feel its their right to carry a gun into the airport. That would be worth the almost always bumper-to-bumper, long, hot drive into the city just to watch.

Georgia Gun Laws – Video