Meet Iran’s First Lady, wife of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. See her photo below. (Update: Additional photos of Mrs. Ahmadinejad have been added below).

So, is this photo of Mrs. Ahmadinejad, the First Lady of Iran, for real? I don’t know. Its posted at several websites today. It was originally published on a Turkish website as a portrait of Iran’s first family. I can’t read the Turkish, so I don’t know if they were trying to be funny or not. But why not? Apparently, the photo was provided by a German magazine. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is her, or someone standing in for her because who can tell for sure. She could be out getting a pedicure and have a body double under the traditional muslim garb for all we know. I wonder if he knows for sure?

As a couple, they ARE very adamant about women covering themselves completely with the burka. In fact, when Ahmadinejad was in college he organized and participated in a student islamic organization that policed the streets of Tehran watching for women who weren’t dressed appropriately. It certainly appears that he takes this stuff very seriously.

Interestingly, they are a very well educated family, but still live this restricted islamic fundamentalist life. I have read that his wife has influenced his feminist beliefs. Seriously. I have actually read that. This is the man who leaves young women hanging from cranes outside of towns to remind others what will happen to them if they show too much skin in public. He’s forward thinking like that.

I’m just wondering if I should have saved this photo for this week’s caption contest.

Mahmud Ahmadinejad’s Wife Biography

There is very little public information on Mahmud Ahmadinejad’s wife. Her name is not available and I’m not aware of any photos of her that have been available to the public, other than the photo above of course.

The Ahmadinejad’s are Shiite muslims. His wife has a master’s degree and is a professor at a university in Tehran, Iran. She is a mechanical engineer. She is reported to be very conservative and as committed to the revolution as her husband. Her husband reports that she’s a very good cook. Reports are that she enjoys traveling in the presidential airplane and accompanying her husband on official trips throughout the world.

They have three children. Their oldest is a daughter who is an electrical engineer. She married shortly after her father became president of Iran. They have two sons. The oldest son is Mahdi and their youngest is Ali Reza. Both sons are studying engineering at the University of Science and Technology. Neither of the sons have exhibited the kind of drive and ambition their father is known for, nor do they seem as dedicated to the revolutionary ideals of their parents.