Hopechangery and other Obamisms –
The curious language of the 2008 Election.

Barack Obama has spawned a cottage industry of new words, slogans, and phrases that resonate in our consciousness this election year. It is the highest tribute to any man when the English language is not robust enough already to annunciate the intense feelings of his admirers.

The Oxford English Dictionary adds a small handful of words into the dictionary each year. These words are first nominated by laymen like you and then carefully selected by the high standards of their editorial process. This year will be a challenge, for the historic Barack Obama presidential race has ushered in dozens of bastardized words.

Like Samuel Johnson, we are here to codify the new language in written form, which should henceforth be referred to by its proper name: Baracklish. Right Pundits has scoured the magazines, newspapers, blogs, rallies, black churches, bowling allies, Hollywood parties, and Scarlett Johansson text messages, to bring you the complete, unabridged Dictionary of Obamese, 1st Edition.

The Dictionary of Obamese
(Baracklish for the Masses)

Gutterack – (n.) – a new game in which a grown man dressed in a tie bowls a 50 score or less.

Obamajama Allyooparack – (n.) – a set play in which a grown man dressed in a tie dunks a basketball, after which the crowd chants “Yes We can” and John McCain calls a timeout.

Yo Mamabama – (int.) – playground taunt used when your mother sleeps with too many Muslim men.

Yo Grandmamabama – (int.) – what one says after throwing grandma under the bus.

Obamahead – (n.) – a drone who attends Barack Obama rallies like a rock n’ roll groupie only to be perpetually disappointed that Truckin’ will not be performed that night.

Obamabot – (n.) – (1) the metamorphisis that occurs when an impressionable liberal hears Barack Obama speak about any topic. (2) any person who says “Yes We Can.”
Syn: Obamahead. Ant: McCain voter.

Change – (v.) – a euphoric feeling that you better do something different or you ain’t hip.
e.g. Change the channel, honey – Obama is on The View.

Hope – (v.) – an intense desire to influence others who most likely do not care about your petty concerns.
e.g. I really hope that you will change the channel, honey.

Hopechangery – (n.) – a contraction of the two seminal political ideas of our time, change and hope, meant to signify absolutely nothing.

Obamanation – (n.) – Mild expletive used to distract attention from your record. e.g. That right-wing smear-machine is an Obamanation.

Barack Attack – (v.) – the consequence of a group of angry liberals gathered on a public street. e.g. Wave after wave came at me like a Barack attack on a Big Mac, Jack.

Yes We Can – (v.) – what a mother says when potty training a two-year old toddler.

Nobama – (adv.) – what an inconsequential majority of the electorate will say on November 4th, 2008.

Right Pundits is currently working on a new collection of Obamisms, which will be incorporated into a comprehensive second edition of the Dictionary of Obamese.

If you are hip, leave your entries in the comments.