The Shady Lady Ranch is a brothel in Nevada that has found an innovative way to keep business coming back in hard times. Read about it below.

You know times are tough when houses of ill-repute are feeling the pinch. Generally, brothels aren’t vulnerable to downturns in the economy, so I’ve been told. But when gas prices are skyrocketing through the roof and the bulk of your business is from truckers … well … you have to find ways to entice your customers to drive the extra mile for your services. Apparently, the usual enticements of the world’s oldest profession just aren’t enough right now.

Licensed brothels have been legal in Nevada since the mining camps of the 1800s and in all those years they’ve rarely lacked enough business to keep them in business. But now they are having to offer specials, for crying out loud! Some are free showers and coffee, which just struck me as hilarious for some reason. Will you have coffee with sex this evening, sir? How do you like your coffee with sex? Others are giving discounts.

At the Shady Lady Ranch, which has been voted the best small brothel for the last five years, you can get a voucher for gasoline with your sex. The ranch boasts the finest ladies in the business and an interesting combination of French Provincial and Oriental decor with heart shaped tubs in the high desert of Nevada. The are offering discounted, no-haggle prices along with gas vouchers if you spend at least $300 for services.

Now there’s just no excuse for not driving out into the desert to get your needs met. Fill ‘er up?

Shady Lady – Video