A growing band of supporters of Senator Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, are expressing solidarity with him by informally adopting his middle name.

The result? A group of unlikely-sounding “Husseins” — Jewish and Catholic, Hispanic, Asian and Italian-American. From Cindy Hussein Gomez of Portland, OR, to Jason Hussein Morris of Dallas, TX, to Maggi Hussein Sampson of Newport, RI, all show their allegiance and dedication to Obama by assuming his middle name.

According to this article, blogger Jeff Strabone of Brooklyn now signs credit card receipts with his newly assumed middle name, while Dan O’Maley of Washington, D.C., changed his e-mail account so his name would appear as “D. Hussein O’Maley.�? Alex Enderle made the switch online along with several other Obama volunteers from Columbus, Ohio, and now friends greet him that way in person, too.

Strabone who wrote a manifesto titled “We Are All Hussein�? which he posted on his own blog and on dailykos.com. said this:

“I am sick of Republicans pronouncing Barack Obama’s name like it was some sort of cuss word,�?

Barack Obama identifies himself as a Christian, not a Muslim and “Hussein” is a family name inherited from a Kenyan father he barely knew, who was born a Muslim and died an atheist. But the name has become a political liability. Some of Obama’s critics have used it to falsely assert that Obama is a Muslim or even a terrorist.

The “movement” has taken place mostly online, the digital equivalent of wearing a button with a clever message or a kitschy bumper sticker. A search revealed hundreds of participants across the country, along with a YouTube video you can watch below. Legally changing names is too much hassle, participants say, so they use “Hussein�? on Facebook and in blog posts and comments on sites like nytimes.com, dailykos.com and mybarackobama.com, the campaign’s networking site.

And to further help promote this, Mark Elrod, a political science professor at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas is organizing students and friends to declare their “Husseinhood” on Facebook on Aug. 4th, Barack Obama’s birthday.

Kate Hussein Stokes… what do you think? Well, I think I’ll pass.

“My Middle Name is Hussein too” Video