I don’t know if anyone has seen this video, but if you have not, take a look at it, it is fascinating:

Okay, so I’m not in generation Y or a “millennial” as some call them. However, I have gone to college and law school and the one thing that strikes me about this video is . . . what a bunch of whiners! Look, modern education is not ideal in any sense of the word, but when has it ever been. College class sizes have always been too big at lower levels, students have always skipped reading assignments and classes, and students have always been more interested in goofing off then going to class. This generation wants to spend more time online, etc., I wanted to drink more beer and hook up with more chicks. College is not designed to ferret out the smart ones from the dumb ones. Anyone with a marginal IQ can do decent if not quite well in college with minimal effort. What college is designed to do is see who is good at gaming the system. What I mean by that is, who can figure out how the rules work, how far can I bend those rules and get away with them, and how can I optimize my time there while still having a lot of fun. More technology has not changed that basic equation.

Personally, while I think the current generation is probably the smartest in terms of basic knowledge base of any generation that has ever been, I foresee serious troubles. Just as an example, many large law firms are starting to hold socialization classes for new associates because they have no ability to meet with and manage clients. The reason for this? Because they have spent the last 5 years text messaging each other or IMing each other instead of face-to-face conversation. As a result, law firms have seen a large decrease in the ability of new associates to communicate, negotiate and plan with clients. I have noticed this same lack of communicative ability in person with many of those who are right now coming in from college. I hire about 12 employees every spring who just graduated from college and even their interview skills are lacking.

I was just curious if anyone else had any similar thoughts? If you are a generation Y member I’d really like to hear your comments and thoughts on this “problem.” What did you think of the video?