Yesterday afternoon, I was listening to radio talk show host Michael Savage – the Savage Nation. I have not listened to this program in a long time – nor do I typically listen to national talk show radio hosts due to work constraints. When I can, I prefer the local hosts in Northern California.

With that said, Michael Savage mentioned the decision made by the United States Supreme Court to repeal the D.C. Gun Ban and President Bush’s Legacy of appointing conservative justices. There are other threads here, including my colleague here, MBT, which discussed the Supreme Court’s Ruling, which I concur with. I welcome you folks to also check out the , our new legal site, for additional information on this decision.

However, one can not deny that this decision is historical. For over thirty years, liberals insisted that the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which protects our rights to bear arms, did not apply to the people. Today, the Supreme Court, asserted that this right did apply to the people. This victory goes to the American Public and the big defeat goes to the liberals.

It was President Bush who appointed Conservative Justices Sam Alito and John Roberts to the Supreme Court. Thus, the decision by the Supremee Court in this case is President’s Bush’s most mportant legacy. Michael Savage mentioned this and referred to President Bush as “the Greatest American President?”

Just imagine if Al Gore or John Kerry were President. We would have had two more leftist judges striking down the Second Amendment (just check out Justice Breyer’s dissenting opinion).

When history is written – it was President Bush and the conservative court that has gave the power to the people. I can not say that everything has been perfect over the last eight years of President Bush’s term. There is no doubt, however, that this decision and President Bush’s appointment of solid conserative justices, are his greatest legacy.

What do you think?