Meet Lara Logan, a naughty CBS war correspondent who is at the center of a Baghdad sex scandal. Read all about it, see her biography, photos and a video of her below.

Just when you can’t quite figure out why CBS war correspondent Lara Logan (aka Laura Logan) seems to always find the most negative stories to report about our military from Iraq, we find out she’s sleeping with half of them. Well, maybe not half of them, but the current rumors surrounding her do give a better understanding of why she enjoys spending her career in Baghdad. The fact that she’s so critical of American military takes on a whole new meaning now that we understand the vantage point from which she may be reporting. We have wanted for so long to have reporters in Baghdad get behind our troops, but not UNDER them!

Its much more understandable now why she couldn’t quite relate to our ‘boots on the ground’ as hers obviously weren’t. It gives an entirely new meaning to journalists being embedded with the troops.

She’s often complained that the American’s wouldn’t give her information to report. She’s said on a number of occasions, bitterly, that the Americans would tell her that reporting certain things would put troops and Iraqis in danger. She uses this as her explanation as to why she reported from the enemy’s perspective. Apparently, even sleeping with the Americans didn’t help her get intel. That had to really hurt.

According to an article in the New York Post, the sultry ’60-minutes’ reporter and former swimsuit model is in the middle of a naughty sex scandal involving herself and two of her war zone lovers, CNN war reporter Michael Ware and a American civilian contractor Joe Burkett. Burkett’s wife is a US Embassy worker and has accused Logan of destroying the Burkett’s marriage.

The two men were reported to have gotten into a fight in Baghdad. This could explain why Lara never reported on the progress towards peace there, apparently, in her world, there was still plenty of fighting going on. One can only surmise that ‘incoming’ had a very different meaning for her.

Logan claims that the ‘safe house brawl’ between her lovers never happened. She also claims that Burkett had already separated from his wife before she became involved with him and Ware was just a one-night stand. Okay. Whatever you say Lara! The world is waiting breathlessly for the Lara Logan sex tape to hit the internet and we will be sure to provide it for you as soon as it shows up. HOOAH!

When I first read this news I assumed that her career would be ending over this. However, there are rumors that she’s received a FABULOUS offer from the 6th Fleet.

Lara Logan Biography

Lara Logan was born on March 29, 1971 in Durban, South Africa. She is 37-years-old. She graduated from the University of Natal in Durban in 1992 with a degree in commerce. She has also received a diploma from the Universite de L’Alliance.

She started her career in 1988 as a reporter for the Durban Sunday Tribune. She worked for Durban newspapers until 1992. She has been the CBS News correspondent and contributed to ’60 Minutes’ since 2002. Just prior to this scandal breaking she was promoted ‘chief foreign-affairs correspondent’ for CBS News.

Logan is based out of London and reportedly is in the middle of a divorce from her husband of nine years, professional basketball player Jason Siemon. The British tabloids have nicknamed her ’34D Lara’.

Lara Logan – Video