We are really thrilled to announce the launch of Right Juris, a new law blog. Please bookmark and visit there often. If you forget, you will always find the latest news headlines from that website in the right sidebar here.

RightJuris.com is capably led by legal eagles Bryan McAffee and Maureen Bethany Twain (MBT). The blog will focus broadly on the law, with particular emphasis on SCOTUS decisions, the intersection of politics and the courts, judicial appointments, and whatever else strikes the fancy of the legal scholars there. You can find their biographies in the “about us” pages on this site and the law blog.

With the launch of RightJuris.com, the “Right” brand websites have been formally separated into “news” and “entertainment” divisions with Managing Editors for each division, formal Editorial Committees, and topical Editors who are the editorial captains of each website. The news division is skillfully led by Beth Shaw. Mark DeFleur (MDefl) is the Political Editor of the RightPundits.com website (this one!), while Bryan McAffee is the Legal Editor of the law blog.

The news division’s future will include websites focused on science, history, the military, and the arts. The science blog will allow us to educate the public about hot-button issues such as global warming, while the history website will review the important lessons from our past.

The entertainment division already includes rightcelebrity.com, rightfielders.com, righttelevision.com, rightcinema.com, and rightonmusic.com. The entertainment division is under the remarkable leadership of Jeanette Johnson.

We are very pleased that three of our websites are included as news providers to the Google News service. That includes the political website, rightpundits.com, a testament to the intellects of our wonderfully talented writers here.

Lastly, please familiarize yourselves with the comment policy which is a link in the right sidebar. It will explain why some comments are automatically held for moderation, and give you clues on how to navigate around this problem.