Just when you thought that there wasn’t anything else you could get to go, along comes the Brothel-on-Wheels. The innovations never end. Read about it below and see photos and a video.

What happens when a couple of Miami police officers are out for a night of fun and things get a little wild? They stumble upon a whore house with wheels. Yes it really happened. Now this is what you call entrepreneurship.

Gas prices are rising, most chain restaurants have realized that people prefer the option of take out, and it’s still tough for guys to get some. And at $7.00 a drink at a bar to try to court a lady is just too expensive. Now here two entrepreneurs start an alternative dating service that delivers. This is a great idea. Satisfy the customer, employ 4 girls that don’t have a high school diploma, and avoid the harsh realities of street life. And did I mention that they deliver? I mean $40 to enter is cheaper than Disneyland. And let me tell you that $100 will get you a lot farther in the back of this bus than anything you can get at Disneyland.

Unfortunately, the MAN is trying to keep the business elite down by depriving them of delivering their services. This is just another display of the Miami Police Department and the US Department of Health pushing around the little man. Once again, preventing the little man from getting what he deserves most, a rash.

Brothel on Wheels – Video