I think the studies they’ve done on Conservatives and Liberals may be true. We lovely Republicans are happier, kinder, and more generous. I wonder how that corresponds to the theory that we are rude, nasty, and don’t give anything to anyone? Liberals are alleged to be the most perfect beings since the Olympic gods graced ancient Greece. (Oh, wait, they were nasty little you know what’s weren’t they?)

I guess I’m tired liberals who complain about how bad we are, but forget to be tolerant of our views. Evidently it is only a free country when their opinions are being expressed, not ours. If we write something nice about GWB and the war, it is subject to liberal censure. If they say something nasty about the above, we are allowed to say nothing. After all, we are conservatives and they are the superior intellect. (Sorta like Khan Noonien Singh, the superior intellect).

Are you as tired of having anti-war sentiment rammed down your throat as am I. You ask for a generic prayer for well-being of the troops and your family members who are protecting our freedom. Instead, this morally superior comment comes at you, something like I will pray the prayer of peace. Horse Hockey. We all pray for that. No one wants war. But why must “we? be the nice ones. We’re right. They’re wrong. Why must we act like we are wrong, walking around like some twit with our heads bowed low to the ground in penance for having the political will to keep the superior intellects safe?

according to all knowing liberals…

We are mean-spirited.
They are insightful.

We are petty.
They are magnanimous.

We are self-righteous.
They are (sigh) saints.

We are intolerant.
They are the very definition of tolerance.

We are pollution personified.
They find it easy to be green.

We are bigots.
They are open-minded.

We are “Christians?.
They are progressive.

We smear their candidates.
They respectfully point out our many short-falls.

We are imperfect.
They are perfection personified.

We have a sense of humor.
They take life seriously.

We can laugh at ourselves.
They laugh at us.

Our ‘sinners’ get caught.
Theirs receive sympathy and help.

We are trivial, and of no importance in the world.
They are important.

We are vile and arrogant.
They are abject humility.

We are abusers.
They offer assistance and sage advice.

We are short-sighted.
They are wise beyond their years.

We are malicious.
They are fair.

We are morons.
They are sheer genius.

We are mean-spirited.
They are … pure.


Don’t they ever get tired of being absolutely perfect in their own eyes? Do they even have the qualities to have a sense of humor? Do they all look like they’ve swallowed a batch of persimmons?

When do we – yea, we are morons. They are a heck of a lot smarter than we are. They know how to promote themselves and we just sit back like the geeks we are and let them stomp all over us like a bunch of school yard bullies taking our lunch money.

Can we stand up for ourselves and tell the truth.
We are not the racists – they are.
We are the compassionate ones – they are superficial.
We have a sense of humor – they are not amused.
We are not malicious – they are.
We are fair – they are the most unfair critters since the Borg assimilated Jean Luc Picard.

Oh, well, what’s the use.

Let’s start fighting back. We all know the only thing it takes to terrorize a bully is to stand up to them. How much longer do we put up with the charges of racism. We know it isn’t true. And – how much longer are we going to let them beat up on Cindy McCain?