The end to the Election of 2008, which seems to have gone on since President Bush’s 2004 Victory, is approximately four months away. Summer is now here, temperatures reached over 100 degrees here in Sunny California, and most people are not evening paying attention to the ups and downs.

At this point, Barack Obama leads John McCain. Granted, its not by much and its way too early. Most polls I’ve seen indicate a 2 to 6 point lead for Barack Obama (I ignore the Newsweek result showing McCain down by 15 since its not even worth the paper its printed out). In fact, if I can use a football analogy – after one quarter of play – I have Barack Obama winning 7 to 3. McCain has the ball at the start of the 2nd Quarter. However, it seens that McCain needs to re-energize his campaign in this tough political environment for the Republicans.

What can he do to energize or re-energize his base? I offer the following suggestions:

1. Continue to emphasize his foreign policy expertise versus the inexperienced Obama.

2. Bash Obama over the head over gasoline prices. This was my sleeper issue since last Fall. I find McCain’s proposals to temporarily suspend the gasoline tax and DRILL, DRILL, DRILL interesting. Obama and the Democrats do not have any credible position on this issue. The Windfalls profit tax was tried in the past and any thoughts of nationalizing the industry is a joke.

3. Discuss cutting spending and reducing taxes.

Anyway, at this stage Obama leads McCain, but its not by much and its way too early in the process. What do you think McCain can do to pull ahead and win the Presidency?