There’s exciting news out of NASA. The Phoenix Lander has discovered ice on Mars. Read about it below and see photos and a video.

Photos taken by NASA’s Phoenix Lander in the past week appeared to show ice on the surface of the red planet. Then, on Friday, it dug up ice from underground on the plains surrounding the North Pole of Mars. That is pretty exciting news and a very significant step in beginning to understand the nature of our nearest neighbor in the universe. Ice indicates the presence of water and water suggest the possibility that at some point in time the planet was capable of sustaining life.

The next step is for the labs on the spacecraft to evaluate soil samples in hopes of determining if it contains the carbon-based compounds necessary for biological life and chemical components in the ice that would indicate that at some point in time the ice was water.

Following evaluation of soil samples, the Phoenix will probe into the polar underground to get a better sense of the planet’s history. Those test will focus on finding evidence of what kinds of climates the planet had in the past. Were there periods of warmer climates in the planet’s history in which there could have been water flowing and pooling on the surface? If so, that would further indicate the possibility that Mars has had some form of biological life in its history.

There’s a lot of work to be done yet, but scientists are planning on having answers to these questions by the end of August.

On a personal note. Its even more exciting since we are destroying the earth with global warming. If we discover that Mars can sustain life, or that Mars is getting warmer just like its alleged that Earth is, then maybe we can all just move there. Whenever we destroy one planet, we can just migrate on to the next one. By the time we get to Pluto we will probably have figured out a way to skip on over to another solar system and then to another galaxy. Planet hoping could go on infinitely. Its just a thought.

Ice on Mars – Video