Barack Obama debuted his own version of a potential presidential seal at a meeting in Chicago today. Compare the various presidential seals in photos below.

Presidential hopeful and The One Who Promises Hope and Change to the Masses, Barack Obama, attended a meeting of a handful of democratic governors today in Chicago. It was a discussion-type forum and the democratic governors sat in more or less normal seats with name plates placed in front of them as is the custom in these types of meetings. Obama, however, sat above them all behind a low rostrum as is the custom of mini-gods who are forced to continue to roam the earth for reasons we mere humans can’t fathom.

In front of the rostrum behind which The Obamessiah sat was not a nameplate, but a seal that had all the earmarks of being official. You know, like when you go to Mexico and all these people meet you at your plane with name tags and official looking uniforms and tell you they represent some company or the other and try to get you to buy a special deal? You know, the ones that just dress like that and after you buy the special deal you realize that they aren’t associated with any organization and just disappeared into the crowd with the money you just traded them for a piece of official looking paper that means nothing? Yeah, that kind of official looking seal.

It made for quite an impressive sight. The symbolism was obvious, even though the marketing company that created the Obama Presidential Seal probably hoped to send a subliminal message with it. If that is the case, they succeeded in being as subtle as two trains colliding on a major thoroughfare during afternoon rush hour.

Just like with the guys in the Cancun airport, this new presidential seal warrants a closer look before we trade dollars for thin air.

As with all things Obama, the seal is not about the country, but about Obama. The One Who Brings Hope for Change and Makes Women Faint and Men Cry has the big O in the middle of his seal (get it – that’s for his name). It also contains Obama’s presidential campaign logo. Across the top it declares, ‘Obama for America’ and the bottom gives his website address. In the place of America’s motto, E Pluribus Unum (Out of many, one) it has the Obamanation motto, ‘Vero Possumus’ (sorta, kinda translated to ‘Yes We Can’).

And THAT, my friends, is the kind of branding you can buy when you have unlimited financial resources.

Update: Is it legal to reproduce the presidential seal? Is it presumptuous? Does it just kind of look embarrassingly pretentious and elitist?

Update: Of course, this is being debated all over the place. Here’s a video of a debate about how the seal is being used by the Obama campaign.

Presidential Seal – Video