Meet Christina Szele. She’s the 35-year-old New Yorker charged with causing quite a little disturbance on a JetBlue flight after she lit up a cigarette at her seat, punched a flight attendant in the jaw, and kicked and screamed when airline personnel tried to restrain her. Oh, and did I forget to mention the lovely Christina also allegedly threatened to kill one of the flight attendants, calling him a dumb mother f%#ker and a racial slur? Yikes, now that’s some nicotine craving!

So here’s how it all went down: Flight Attendant Naomi Garcia found the lovely Christina “nonchalantly smoking at her seat,” court records stated.

Then Flight Attendant Paul Whyte said he snatched the cigarette out of the woman’s mouth, telling her that she was “endangering everyone on the flight.”

Those appeared to be fightin’ words to the lovely Christina so she went nuts on them all — kicking, screaming, throwing punches, and cussing everyone out. Her hands were then bound with flex cuffs but dang if she didn’t wiggle free and start up all over again!

So the JetBlue flight made an emergency landing in Denver and Szele was removed from the plane and promptly arrested. She told investigators that she couldn’t remember punching the attendant or lighting a cigarette. Szele did however remember all her cussing stating she tends to use the “F-word” ALOT!

She told police that she had two beers before boarding the flight from New York to San Francisco and had three vodka drinks on the plane. Szele has been charged with assault and interfering with a flight crew. Now she faces 20 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines. All for a ciggy.

Szele is being held in jail until her hearing on June 23. Poor thing!

Christina Szele fighting? Video