Macrida Patterson is suing Victoria’s Secret for selling her a v-string thong that she claims was defective and caused her an eye injury. How does that happen with a pair of thongs? You aren’t putting them on your head …. usually. Find out below and see photos and a video of the thong lawsuit.

Oh sure, go ahead and laugh! Like you’ve never been 52-years-old and struggling to pull on a size 5 v-string thong on a size 10 hinnie and the little decorative rhinestone heart that was so cute when you bought it flies off the string part of the thong and hits you in the eye and you have to go to the hospital and they tell you that you are really. badly. injured! Like that never happens. Just go ahead and laugh. You just can’t possibly understand what Macrida Patterson has been through until you’ve had a rhinestone heart fly off YOUR panties and hit YOU in the eye.

Then to make matters worse, you have to get all this publicity with your cleavage hanging out of a cute little black dress that hopefully doesn’t have any rhinestones on it. Then top that off with a nice string of pearls and a dazzling smile while you are on television answering the MEANEST questions. Questions like why you waited a year to file a lawsuit and how many times you had worn and washed that thong and how hard you had to pull, twist and tug it to get it on before the little sharp heart popped off and hit you in the eye.

Sheesh people! Give the woman a break. How would you like to be in that position?

Okay, I don’t know what size she or the thong are. I do wonder if its legal for anyone over a size 2 to wear a thong. I also am terribly worried about what this thong lawsuit is going to do to the prices of the goodies at Victoria’s Secret. That has me terribly upset. That’s getting on MY nerves and causing me great emotional distress. I will have to consult with our Right Pundits attorneys and see if I can get compensation from Patterson for my emotional distress at the prospect of having to pay more for my undies at VS!

I wonder if they’ll take the case pro bono?

Thong Lawsuit – Video