Cindy McCain is in Vietnam as part of her Asian tour promoting Operation Smiles. Welcome to Right Pundits Caption Contest! We’d love to read your caption for this photo.

See? All I came up with was her name. I know you can do better than that! Cindy McCain isn’t worrying about all the rumors that are being tossed out there to see if any of them get traction. Instead, she’s touring Asia in support of Operation Smiles, a charity she has been involved with for a long time.

So caption this photo!

Winners will be announced next week :)

…. and the winners from last week are ….. :

  • 1st Place – Jim: I keep telling you, I’m NOT Basil Hallward. (love the obscure reference!)
  • 2nd Place – Lenin’s Hairdresser: One quick coat of wax and he’ll be ready for Madam Tussauds.
  • 3rd Place – elliot: McCain: Hmmm, If Hillary said she ducked sniper shots, maybe I can say I had a close brush with ….Nah!