Michelle Obama made an appearance on The View as part of her attempt to project a softer, gentler image. Read more about it and see photos and a video clip of the show below.

Michelle Obama finally made her much awaited appearance on The View this morning. You know, that show that decides all of the important issues of the day. In fact, she was the ‘Super-Dooper-Great-Grand-Extra-Special Guest Host!’ As you can see from the photo above, she apparently has converted even Elizabeth Hasselbeck into a ‘terrorist fist jab’ commie. I’m just kidding.

No, Mrs. Obama got through the entire live performance without making a single controversial remark. Well, there was the one time she called her husband, ‘sweet and pathetic’. Her people cleared that up quickly. They wanted to make sure the people understood that she said ‘empathetic’. EMpathetic. She was just mis-heard.

She was charming, lovely and generous with her compliments. She posed prettily on the sofa in a manner befitting a First Lady in Waiting. Even her hairstyle and clothing were more viewer friendly. The softer, gentler, less controversial Michelle Obama public relations campaign is definitely already going strong. She did quite well.

They interviewed Matthew Broderick. When he told about his 5-year-old son being an Obama fan because he hoped ‘the man beat the lady‘, Mrs. Obama gracefully retreated from that line of questioning insuring that the stain of that statement wouldn’t come within miles of touching her. At one point Whoopi Goldberg gushed about how Mrs. Obama has helped the image of Black women in America. She said something about whenever Black women are portrayed on television they don’t have any teeth. At that point, Barbara Walters swooped in to rescue Obama from the danger of a discussion on race with a question about pantyhose.

The discussion about pantyhose took a while and we learned that Walters wears them and Obama doesn’t.

Michelle Obama complimented Hasselbeck on being a ‘solid’ woman with good children, and complimented First Lady Laura Bush for her ‘calm, rational approach’. She praised Hillary Clinton for breaking the glass ceiling for women. She commented on all the bad press she has received and spun explained (again) her ‘I’m not proud of America’ remark.

It was all perfectly lovely and charming. Just a little chat between the girls and a spot of tea.

I wonder if the charm offensive is working with the Middle America target audience? What’s your verdict?

Michelle Obama on The View – Video