The democrats have had a hard time figuring out how to beat the Republican moral and ethical authority. They finally came up with an answer. Make fun of morals and ethics. Read about it below and see photos and the Blue Balled video.

The democrats are doing everything they can to get whatever votes they can in November. Well, other than those Bible-thumping, xenophobic voters they don’t care that much about having. But that’s another story. They are trying to appeal to the youth vote by producing a near NSFW video about one night stands, politics and herpes sex.

I think that the basic thinking behind this is something like, if you know that your party is completely without one ounce of moral authority, then make fun of morals and ethics. That way you can make morals and ethics seem dull, dumb and out of fashion. The heroine of this little short film is looking for somebody, apparently anybody as long as they are democrats, to hook up with. This could really explain the increase in sales of Obama Condoms! It could also explain the incredible rise in the incidents of herpes in New York, now I think about it!

The three main characters are the female, the Republican guy and the Democrat guy. The girl is pretty, sexy, horny and a veritable petri dish of STDs. She locks glances with the Republican guy in a bar. He is portrayed as awkward, uptight, socially uncomfortable, obsessive-compulsive, a neat freak and just plain geeky. She picks him up, foreplay ensures as they make their way to his apartment. He doesn’t have cool drinks and lines his shoes up neatly while she strips and lay provocatively on his bed. He’s all fumbling and awkward. She asks where the Obama Condoms are and when she looks in the drawer for them she finds a framed, autographed photo of John McCain. The Republican guy is appalled and embarrassed and tries to deny its his picture. She’s aghast that she almost hooked up with a guy who took baths, had a job and paid taxes.

She takes off, out of the apartment and into the street. She hurries to get away from this loathsome Republican and in her disgust, she drops her over-sized bag and its contents spill out all over the sidewalk. By happenstance, a rather effeminate, mean-eyed guy is walking by and stops to help her pick up her belongings. The only thing he picks up is a button she had in her bag that reads, ‘I only sleep with democrats’. He gets ‘that’ look in his eyes. She looks up and sees a donkey pin on his lapel. From there we can only imagine that they are very soon sharing STDs and then, about 30-seconds or so later, smoking cigarettes. No, they wouldn’t be smoking cigarettes, that’s against the rules these days. They’d be smoking a blunt instead.

How cute is all that?

Blue Balled – Video