The Irish have every reason to be very proud of themselves today. They make it very clear that Ireland votes no to the Lisbon Treaty! The vote went before the people on Friday and has created a political crisis in the European Union. Read about the controversy below and see photos and a video.

Ireland is one of the smallest countries in the 27-nation European Union. They are also the only country whose leaders put the Lisbon Treaty to a referendum of the people and the people of Ireland responded with a resounded ‘NO!’. This vote has put the European Union in crisis.

The other 26 nations of the EU ratified the treaty without putting it to a vote by the people. Citizens of some of the other countries are not happy that their governments made this decision without allowing their people to vote. In fact, there are people in Britain who are very angry with Gordon Brown for ratifying the treaty in spite of the Labour Party having promised to to allow the people a voice in these decisions. Some are going as far as calling it treason.

The controversy in Britain is escalating as there are calls for Brown to drop the treaty or put it before the people for a vote. Polls show that 82% of the British people would vote ‘no’ to ratifying the Lisbon Treaty.

For Ireland to stand up to the European Union is especially poignant since membership in the EU has been largely responsible for turning around the Irish economy. Once one of the poorest nations in Europe, it has prospered in its association with the EU. Most of the other EU countries didn’t include their people in the decision saying that the treaty was too cumbersome and complicated for people to actually read through it. When the Irish people read through it, they didn’t like it. The push to vote ‘no’ was based on putting the people above money. Many see the treaty as centralizing power in what is viewed as a corrupt and wasteful organization based in communist ideals.

Most view the Lisbon Treaty as another step towards taking away the sovereignty of European nations and granting increasing power and control to the elite in Brussels. One commenter at the Daily Mail noted that this treaty will accomplish what two world wars could not … eradicate Britain from history.

Some of the factors that the people of Europe find particularly abhorrent is that there would be the possibility that Irish men would be conscripted to fight for future European armies. I can certainly understand this concern. I would not want my son fighting under the command of any other than an American commander. A Frenchman is simply not going to be as concerned for an American soldier as he will be for a French soldier. Pro-lifers found it offensive that they would no longer have any say as to the abortion laws in Ireland. Businesses warned that taxes would be increased to be spent in other areas of Europe. Although Irish farmers have benefited greatly from Ireland’s association with the European Union warned that aid would be cut which would devastate rural areas. They also said they had spent centuries to get out from under British rule, why would they now allow themselves to be taken over by Brussels.

And the people wondered why the Treaty had to be 346 pages of complicated legalese which no ‘sane’ person would read from cover to cover. That alone was reason to be suspicious of its contents and ramifications.

The Irish have reason to be proud today. The small emerald isle stood alone in defiance of the mighty European Union.

Ireland Votes NO To Lisbon Treaty – Video