I first ran across this over at Ace of Spades, but it turns out proper credit should be given to this site.

File thus under Its Funny Because It’s True. I can’t tell you how many times I was that guy at the computer. My poor wife, bless her soul, thinks I’ve lost it completely sometimes. I’m guessing that those of you who regularly post or comment here or at any other blog have felt the same way at some point. I think that there is something compulsive, particularly about politics, that makes us stay up until well after midnights some nights trying to figure out how we can prove that Bob Abouie is out of his mind or The Blog Hole Reader is plain crazy (well, that’s pretty easy to do actually). Who here finds themselves ever trying to narrate an argument they are having with their significant other? Have you ever had to read to your wife your latest zinger just to show how smart you are (okay, this is a rare one for me). In any event, I found this pretty funny. You should check out the site, there are some other real good ones.