Remember Elian Gonzalez? He’s the kid that was the center of a custody battle between the U.S. Cuban-American community and Cuba. He’s fourteen now and still being used for propaganda by Castro’s regime. Read about it below and see photos and a video.

Elian Gonzalez was just six-years-old when his mother tried to get him to America and to freedom. They didn’t make it. Their boat capsized and his mother died. Elian was picked up by fishermen and brought to Miami where he was turned over to relatives. Fidel Castro was still walking and talking then and decided to make an international incident out of getting Elian back to his father in Cuba.

The whole situation went from bad to worse as Elian’s family in the U.S. tried to use media coverage to champion their cause. They begged and they pleaded. The Cuban-American community rallied behind Elian. There were demonstrations and more pleading. Finally, on April 22, 2000, then President Bill Clinton and his then Attorney General Janet Reno sent in a swat team to pick up and take into custody the six-year-old Elian. You might remember Reno, she’s the one that used overwhelming force to take down a cult in Texas. The Clinton administration didn’t seem to have a problem using force within America’s borders. It was those dang muslim terrorists over in the Middle East that they had concerns about killing.

The media was there, of course, to film the swat team, in full body armor, swooping in to take the child from the unarmed family. The child cried (who wouldn’t!), the family pleaded, the Cuban-American community was outraged and angry and most Americans watched the situation unfold with our mouths dropped open.

In fairness, it was a difficult situation. He was picked up at sea and his mother was dead. There weren’t close relatives here and he hadn’t stepped foot on American soil as is the rule for whether they can stay or not. The problem was, of course, that he became a cause celeb. And our other borders were leaking like sieves, so why the concern over this one little boy. I suppose ol’ Clinton didn’t want to piss Fidel off. And you know how the liberals love Fidel! He is/was such a nice guy and all.

As a side note, Hillary Clinton will never get the Cuban-American vote. I’m just saying ….

Every since Elian Gonzalez was sent back to Cuba, Fidel, and now his brother Raul, have used Elian for propaganda. They beat America on that one. They parade Elian in front of cameras to show what a wonderful life he has there in Cuba. They show him with his father. They show him at the beach. They show him in school. Everything is wonderful for him there. I guess, after all, his mother did help him because his life is much better in Cuba than it would have been had he not been useful to Castro.

Now there is more news on Elian. He has turned 14 and has now joined Cuba’s Young Communist Union. Like a good little communist, he swore he’d never let down Fidel Castro or his brother Raul Castro.

The liberals are very happy because that’s what they want for all little children. They think Castro is really cool, after all. They are quite sure he has very legitimate reasons for executing people who try to leave the island. Just think of how wonderful it would be if all children didn’t have to make decisions. Could live on an island dictatorship and pledge allegiance to petty dictators. Just like little robots! The liberals want that for us all and for all our children.

Another aside, Clinton’s Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder was involved in the Elian Gonzaliez case. Holder is now on Barack Obama’s vice-presidential search committee.

Elian Gonzalez – Video