Clayton Williams made a nasty rape joke in 1990 and because of that John McCain has canceled a fund-raiser by Williams. The Obama campaign is all over this story. Read about it and see photos and a video below.

Clayton Williams is a Texas oilman and rancher who came within a rape joke of defeating Ann Richards for Governor of Texas in 1990. In the contest dubbed ‘Claytie and the Lady’, he was way ahead in the polls and expected to win. Then one day he invited a bunch of reporters to his ranch for a Texas style campaign event. That’s when he made a joke about bad weather and rape

As long as it’s inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it,” he said.

Yeah, its the stuff of Texas political legend. It made national headlines and many believe cost him the governorship. Ann Richards, being a colorful Texas politician and no stranger to controversy herself, made the most of it. She put out a campaign spot highlighting some of his statements (see video below). She was aghast and appalled. She loved every minute of it. She got to be governor.

Williams, also known as ‘Claytie’, didn’t want to apologize for the rape joke. At the time, he said:

“That was a male, cowboy-bucking bronco-world,” Williams said at the time. “And I don’t accept that I’ve done anything wrong.”

He also said he would deal with Ms. Richards the same way he’d deal with a cow on his ranch.

“head her and hoof her and drag her through the dirt.�?

Oh, me. This whole thing was going from bad to worse. The more he talked the worse it got.

Richards said, ‘He can’t help it, he was born with a silver foot in his mouth.’ Oh no, wait a minute. She didn’t say that about Williams. Never mind. Moving on.

He did finally apologize and and has even said he was wrong about a lot of things. He said he allowed himself to get angry about the charges Richards was leveling against him. He said there’s no place in politics for anger cause you end up saying things that you shouldn’t have said.

Williams, also known as ‘Claytie’, has since written a book that offers up a candid look at his gaffs and successes. The book is titled, Claytie: the roller-coaster life of a wildcatter. He says that its tough running a campaign against a woman. He says that if you are taking on a woman opponent, ‘hope for a male candidate.’ He said that one of his regrets is that he and Richards never got together before she died. He said they exchanged some correspondence towards the end of her life and talked about getting together to talk and laugh about their infamous campaigns, but she was sick and it never happened.

So now the Obama campaign and democrats are all over the fact that Williams was doing a fund-raising event for John McCain. McCain canceled the event, but still they are aghast and appalled. Much the same way Ann Richards was during the 1990 election.

I guess they think he might should have vetted the vetters that vetted the vetting vetters before they were vetted so that they could vet whoever needs vetting. You know, like Obama does.

Update 6.16.2008: The left is trying to make an issue out of the rape joke Clayton Williams made 18 years ago and the fact that he offered to do a fund raiser for John McCain. If only the left held their own candidate to even a fraction of the those standards.

Clayton Williams – Video