The Incredible McCain Girl have been released by the same people who put out the Obama Girl video. If you are looking for two sexy girls fighting, you’ve come to the right place. Read more about it and see the video below.

The Barely Political people who made Amber Lee Ettinger a household name as the Obama Girl have created a new femfatale with Kate Secor playing The Incredible McCain Girl.

Apparently, they played the video at the Webby Awards and it was met with close to complete silence by the overwhelmingly liberal crowd. They didn’t like the part in with The Incredible McCain girl knocks out Obama. Not to worry, the Obama Girl comes to his rescue and the two start having at each other. Of course, it doesn’t show who wins the battle seeing as they are planning on a series of the videos as the two girls battle on behalf of their candidates of choice.

McCain Girl has an anger problem, obviously a take off on the left’s continued efforts to convince everyone that McCain has an out-of-control temper. When she gets mad, her muscles pop up, her top seductively starts ripping so there is just the right amount of cleavage showing and her boobs are exposed to their maximum benefit. Oh, and she turns green – get it? The Incredible Hulk – get it??

I personally think the Incredible McCain Girl can whoop Obama Girl’s ass. But I might be biased. I did notice that they kept Obama Girl more feminine while turning McCain Girl into a muscular, green …. hulk. I guess her attractiveness depends on how you prefer your women.

Honestly, I couldn’t figure out if this is pro-McCain or anti-McCain. The fact that it bombed with Obama fans is a good sign.

Incredible McCain Girl – Video