This picture is just too funny for words:

Apparently this is a picture of an Ohio judge who just threw out Ohio’s death penalty procedure, which you can read about here. While it may not be fair to judge Obama by every nut who supports him, there does seem to be an open armed acceptance by Democrats in general to support Che, particularly in the Obama camp. I posted a story a while back here that talked about at least one of the Obama headquarters that had a picture of Che up in the office. Why anyone, much less a judge in Ohio, would support and admire Che is beyond me. Che was personally responsible for the murder of countless Cubans in support of the revolution. In my mind this is like having a picture of Hitler or Pol Pot in your office. I guess when you tacitly support the Cuban revolution, any means necessary eh? Maybe Obama could adopt a new slogan inspired by Che, “Change, or we’ll kill ya.”

Thanks to powerline for this photo and story.