Sales of the Barack Obama condom have exploded online, and just in time for Father’s Day. This should be no surprise given the recent “baby mama” flap on FoxNews. Still, something tells us that Michelle does not approve of the Obama rubber.

The price of the Obama condom is $9.95 “per pair,” which presumably means one for your wife and one for your ‘ho. They add $3 for shipping and handling. Ewe. And what would we buy if Hillary Clinton won?

The website is run by a young businessman named Benjamin Sherman whose business is called “Practice Safe Policy.” He says that without wearing one there is “likely to be an Obama-mama in your future.”

Sales are up and are expected to stay up. All kidding aside, the business has some catchy puns so give them at least some credit for a tasteless idea done well.

“This page is safer than one of Dick Cheney’s hunting buddies! ”

“Obama’s condoms offer better protection that the secret service.”

“For a change you can believe in!”

“ObamaCondoms are strong enough to withstand the most rigid assault, light enough to penetrate the deepest trenches, AND they’re Oprah approved!*”

“I always have Obama condoms on hand for those muy importante 3am phone calls.”

“Practice safe policy.”

“Experience not necessary.”

“Use with good judgement.”

While no presidential candidate should be left behind, we can safely report that John McCain’s rubber is lagging in sales on “Old but not expired” is apparently uninspiring to youth when it just takes hope to get lucky. The press has falsely reported that these rubbers are used.