During a recent interview on Fox News, Megyn Kelly (yummy) was interviewing Michelle Malkin. During the interview Fox News splashed the following caption “Outraged Liberals: Stop Picking on Obama’s Baby Mama.” Here is a picture

While I normally like Fox News and I find them more balanced then the rest of the network coverage, this was probably poor usage at best, possibly racist at worst. I think this phrase has some origin in the black community (if anyone knows more that would interesting to know) but used by Fox News, it just sounds very tacky. The left, of course, is up in arms over this, pointing out that Fox is up to their old tricks again. While I think this was tacky, in fairness to Fox, Michelle Obama has often referred to Barrack as “my baby’s daddy” so I guess from Fox’s point of view that is where this reference to “baby’s mama” comes from. The big problem with this whole election cycle is going to be constant charges of racism that occurs even for benign stuff. Of course, the real consequence of the constant racism charges is that it has a real chilling effect on legitimate criticisms of the Obama campaign. There are real issues that we can disagree with him about, but if we are going to be charged with racism every time we do so, there is not much motivation to speak out.

Here is a video of the event: