Meet Alex Kozinski, Chief Justice of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Los Angeles. See his scandalous photos and read his interesting biography.

The naughty judge posted sexual images on a website that he thought was hidden from the public, the details of which were made public in the Los Angeles Times. Turns out he posted a collection of wildly scandalous pictures of nude women and men in awful positions.

One of the images is of a naked woman on all fours painted to look like a cow. There is a video of a mostly naked man doing you know what with farm animals. Others contain scenes of defecation and other debauchery.

Kozniski sheepishly conceded that some of his collection was inappropriate, but he called other material “funny.” Rather curiously he claimed that “people send me stuff like this all the time.”

The worst part about this story is that Alex Kozinski is a respected conservative on the bench. Nobody would bat at eye if this story happened to one of the liberal members of the 9th Circuit in San Francisco, but we are talking about Alex Kozinski who’s name appeared from time to time on lists of potential nominees for the U.S. Supreme Court!

To the affirmation of women everywhere, Judge Kozinski was named the biggest male hottie in judicial robes in 2004, as chronicled by expert babes. He also won The Dating Game (remember that show?) as a young man, winning a girl named Rita who may be desperately trying to find out if she is on the secret website. Believe it or not we have found that video below!

Alex Kozinski is a published essayist. You can read an example of his work here in which he talks about scoundrels in his family.

As a biography, Judge Alex Kozinski was born July 23, 1950 in Bucharest, Romania. Those crazy Europeans. He graduated from the UCLA School of Law in 1975 and clerked for Chief Justice Warren Burger and Anthony Kennedy. When he was appointed to the 9th Circuit by Ronald Reagan in 1982, Kozinski was then the youngest serving judge on the federal bench at age 35. You can learn more about him here.

More photos of the swinging Judge Kozinski are below. He is married to a hot wife and has three sons.

Alex Kozinski Video (Dating Game)