It is not known if this is a serious discussion or just a trial balloon, but MSNBC is reporting here that Ret. Gen. James Jones is being considered as a possible VP mate for Obama. Since Strictland has emphatically stated that he would not consider the VP position with Obama as a running mate, I’ve heard several commentators reflect that Obama should pick someone with a military background (Wes Clark is surely on that list). At first glance Jones seems to fit the bill:

Jones, a Vietnam vet born in Kansas City, MO (swing state alert!), was a career military officer rising to one of the highest posts possible. Now retired, Jones has been critical of the number of troops currently in Afghanistan. He’s been appointed to independent posts by both the Democratic Congress and the Republican-run State Department

Alas, there are some major hits against Jones, number one being that Jones sat on the boards of both Chevron and Boeing. Uhhh, well, that’s not going to work I don’t think. There is no possible way that Obama can pick someone who sat on the board of the most evil of all companies on Earth right? Let us remember this:

Darn those profit seeking oil companies. Why can’t they just give us free gas out of the goodness of their hearts. How dare they try to maximize their profits? I don’t suppose the moonbats on the far left (now known as the Democratic Party) will sit still for a guy who worked for Chevron on their presidential ticket. The more I think about it, the more I do like Wes Clark for Obama though. He’s a loon himself and had the coolest of all titles known to man, “Supreme Allied Commander.” Who wants to be a mere King when you can be a Supreme Commander?