Update 2: A court order ruling on the Berg v. Obama lawsuit is expected eminently. Barack Obama has been sued in Federal District Court by Philip Berg in a case known as Berg v. Obama. The lawsuit disputes his citizenship, and thus his constitutional right to run for president. Lawsuits have been filed by six other states as well, suits that could easily be dismissed with a legitimate birth certificate. Note that this article first appeared in June 2008. More detail.


So what’s all this buzz in the blogosphere about Barack Obama and his birth certificate? Well, it seems that his campaign is not releasing it and this has fueled long-standing rumors such as: his place of birth being Kenya not Hawaii (which of course would disqualify him as a presidential candidate), to chain letters suggesting his birth name actually “Barry” rather then Barack. Many of these rumors seem a bit implausible – even to me, a lover of good conspiracies!

So shouldn’t his birth certificate be released as public domain? Maybe not. The St. Petersburg Times said this about their request for it in April:

“We tried to obtain a copy of Obama’s birth certificate, but his campaign would not release it and the state of Hawaii does not make such records public.”

NRO’s the Campaign Spot, points out that live birth certificates provide lots of different kinds of information including: marital status of the parents — their marriage details are fuzzy at best; race of the infant — we know he is a bi-racial; religion – we’ve all seen the muslim-no-christian debate; and certainly as previously mentioned, birthplace.

Any of these scenarios — if different from what we know about Obama — could cause him embarrassment but certainly no more damaging then what we already know. Right? Obama and his people understand that releasing the birth certificate will answer all these questions and most likely end the “wild” speculation. They are such a distraction!

Update 1: The Obama campaign finally released a copy of the birth certificate to the Daily Kos. You can click the thumbnail image to view it. This is a reprinted version which was made in 2007 rather than the original. There is nothing particularly unusual about reprinting a birth certificate, but the original version would put all questions to rest. Obama has the original or he would not have had a passport before last year.

Now, if I recall correctly it was the New York Times who ran front page articles on John McCain: being born in the Panama Canal Zone and whether that disqualified him to be president; the one claiming that McCain would not release his medical records so we could know if he were physically fit to be president; and of course that stellar piece of journalism using “unnamed sources�? claiming McCain had an extramarital affair and questioning his character to be president.

Since they did such a good job ferreting out that stuff, maybe the NYT could look into all these silly little rumors about Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Maybe they’ll find he wasn’t born in Hawaii after all… but rather a manger or even the planet Krypton!

Silly me.