Congressman Dan Boren (D) Says Obama is Too Liberal.

U.S. Representative Dan Boren has declined to endorse Barack Obama, calling him the United States’ most liberal Senator and a polarizing nominee.

It should be no surprise that a member of Congress is calling Barack Obama liberal. These are partisan times in which the election season brings out the heat. However in this case it really is unusual. Congressman Dan Boren is a Democrat.

“Our nominee is not my first choice. Unfortunately, his record does not reflect working in a bipartisan fashion.” Obama is “the most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate.”

Dan Boren’s statements about Barack Obama undoubtedly reflect his constituency as well as his own views. Describing himself as a centrist Democrat, Boren represents a mostly rural district in Oklahoma. Hillary Clinton won two-thirds of the vote in his 2ndn congressional district. As one of the youngest members of Congress at age 34, he may also be interested in long-term self-preservation if he has further political ambitions in the state.

He is the only Democrat in Oklahoma’s House delegation in Congress, a conservative on many issues including his continued support for President Bush on the Iraq War. He is a lifetime member of the NRA and out of favor with environmental groups. His official biography is here.

Boren was born August 2nd, 1973. He graduated from Texas Christian University in 1997 and obtained an MBA from Oklahoma University in 2000. He is married to Andrea Heupel and has an infant daughter.

He may not be the only Democrat in Congress who is uncomfortable with Obama. Republicans will use the “most liberal Senator” mantra against Obama, courtesy of the National Journal ranking system which analyzes votes. There are a few other Democrats in conservative districts who may also suffer the association.

Still Boren will vote for Obama when push comes to shove, albeit not willingly.

You can see him in action on the House floor below during the debate about a troop surge.

Dan Boren Video