Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones – infamous for their “relationships” with former President Bill Clinton, have started their own website where for the low, low price of $1.99 per video, you can watch them reveal “new and exciting revelations.” Hey now, they gotta pay for their Yoohoo’s y’all!

The joint venture, with such compelling video titles as “Gennifer’s story and the Presidential Penis” or “Paula and the Presidential Penis�? promises this:

“The two women discuss not only their relationships with Bill but also their opinions on politics, sex with Bill and their perspective opinion of the Presidential penis and how both feel about Hillary Clinton. Sit back and relax ladies and gentlemen and enjoy ‘Two Chicks Chatting’.”

So do you care about this kind of stuff? I really don’t. In fact it just reminds me of a time in this country when our leaders were immersed in “other things” while bin Laden and his friends were plotting to kill us. I wish these 2 bimbos would crawl back under their rock — either separately or jointly — and take Bill and his presidential body part, with them.

Meanwhile, see this video of two chicks chatting.