I am simply stunned by what I heard E.D. Hill, the Fox News babe, state on a teaser for an upcoming segment. She asserted that Barack Obama’s fist pump to his wife could have been a terrorist jab! A code if you will. I would expect that type of assertion on some fringe websites but I would think that Fox News would be beyond this type of silliness.

If the GOP wants to guarantee a huge Barack Obama victory, then I suggest they continue with this type of tactic. Fox News should not lower themselves to the level of Keith Olbermann, who is nothing more than a shill for Barack Obama. As for the fist pump, I am 42 years old and use the fist pump all the time. I am relatively certain that I am not a terrorist. Are my fist pumps really terrorist jabs in disguise? In fairness to E.D. Hill, that script may have been written for her but as a so-called journalist, she and Fox should know better than to engage in this unseemly behavior. In the end E.D. Hill makes a fool of herself and Fox News’s fair and balanced slogan is not worth Geraldo Rivera’s mustache.

The political implication of this is easy to surmise. This type of “reporting” gives the left the moral high ground and will make the independents more likely to vote for Barack Obama. Shame on Fox News! Click below to read more from Jonathan Martin at politico.com.

Photo Credit: Fox News


E.D. Hill “Terrorist Fist Jab” Video (Fox News)