There are groups growing out of feelings of disenfranchisement on the part of Hillary Clinton supporters. One of those groups is PUMA: Party Unity My Ass. Read more about it and see a video below.

Former Hillary Clinton supporters are mad and aren’t going to take it anymore. There are several groups of these Hillary Clinton supporters that are vowing they will not vote for Barack Obama no matter what. They are saying they will vote for John McCain instead.

The primary source of their discontent seems to be that their votes are not counted in the democratic party. Who can blame them? Personally, I was wondering when someone was going to notice that the superdelegate system was set up for precisely that purpose. You know, if the party elite doesn’t like the way the people vote, they can just throw the votes out and put in the nominee they wanted to begin with. Kinda like they did during this election cycle.

I know it must have been excruciatingly painful for the party elite to have people find out about their system this time around. I keep wondering how much xanax and tums Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi are having to take these days as they watch their party drawn and quartered under their leadership and because of decisions they have made.

Part of the problem is that the democratic party has been hijacked by the far left wing. It appears that they seriously think they can win an election by tossing aside loyal democrats and ‘building a new coalition’ of core supporters for the democratic party. I guess that about says it all. If you have been a loyal democrat for the last dozen generations then you really don’t matter to them anymore. Barack Obama has made it pretty clear that his vision of HOPE and CHANGE has to do with changing the basic core of the democratic party. He has stated that he’s building a new coalition that includes the liberal elite, college students and the black communities. Period. The rest would be nice, but are disposable.

There’s also a group that’s called, ‘Say No to BO’. HA!

It looks like Howard Dean hasn’t quite gotten the party unified just yet. Here Howard, have another tums.

UPDATE: Yes there is anger:

The problem is the party itself. 2008 was the year that the party abandoned its principles. It is no longer the party of FDR and shared responsibility. Now, it is the party of wannabe rich libertarian Democrats. It is the party of the Ariana Huffingtons who, dissatisfied with her own party, have decided to steal someone else’s. It isn’t the party that nearly elected Bobby Kennedy. It is the party that is about to write off Appalachia. Good riddance, poor working people! You’re on your own now. It isn’t the party that made social security sacred. It is the party that might very well start tinkering with it …

The former democratic party base has taken to calling the new democratic party base ‘neo-liberals’:

…. Obama’s tactics have made him an unacceptable alternative to Hillary, and many of us will be voting for McCain, writing in Hillary, or staying home.

As Hillary continues to increase her popular vote lead and absolutely crush Obama in critical states, many are looking at a potential Obama nomination as a coup d’état similar to Florida in 2000, facilitated by the neo-liberal-Dean wing of the Party, African American power brokers, and the Clinton-hating media.

UPDATE #2 Apparently our political system is confusing to our cousins across the pond. Which reminds me, do you think that the democratic party is going the way of the Whig party and other defunct parties in American history? Is it fractured to the point that it will be difficult for it to survive? Will Obama have his way and create an entirely different party out of the remnants of what was once the democratic party? If so, and they continue to call themselves democrats, what happens to the disenfranchised? What happens to the working class who have depended on unions and social services? Will they become Republicans?

Just wondering what y’all think about that.

7.23.2008 UPDATE #3 PUMA is in the news again. They are angry and organizing. There are an estimated 250 PUMA-related Web sites and 2.5 million PUMAs online. Their stated goal is to Hillary Clinton reinstated as their candidate. They say they feel the nomination was rigged to get Obama nominated. The group is stalking Obama and meeting in preparation for the DNC Convention in Denver next month.

I hope everyone has their popcorn ready for the show. The Democratic National Convention should be quite a show this year. And the beat goes on …..

Party Unity My Ass – Video

Photo source: Pat Dollard