I feel very special at this moment. Barack Obama personally sent me an email, which you can read for yourself by clicking on read more. Yes, Senator Obama wanted me to know (I am certain that this email was not sent to millions of people) that he admires Hillary Clinton and that she has made all of our lives better. Whether or not that is true is most likely dependent upon your point of view. This does bring to mind an interesting topic. Now that Senator Clinton has finally, properly conceded, will she be Barack Obama’s choice for Vice-President? Could they put their animosity behind them and form a dream ticket, at least from the perspective of many Democrats?

My guess, despite the platitudes directed towards Hillary Clinton in Barack Obama’s email, is that it will not happen. I will be courteous and email Senator Obama with my advice on this issue but I wanted to share it with the friendly readers of Right Pundits. That is because I truly care about you. First and foremost, Barack Obama has positioned himself as the candidate of change. Bringing Hillary Clinton in as a Vice-President represents a time warp back to the 1990’s. He would continually have to answer questions about how he can bill himself as the change candidate with a Clinton on the ticket.

Also, how would Obama’s most ardent supporters react? Trust me, most of them despise the Clintons and refer to then as “Billary”. When I ventured onto Senator Obama’s website a couple of months ago, I was accused of being a Hillary supporter. I tried to communicate that I was a moderate Republican, but they did not believe me! In their world, it was worse to be a supporter of Hillary Clinton than to be a Republican. Of course, I think they could overcome this enmity towards Mrs. Clinton if Senator Obama told them they needed to in order to win the White House in November. If only it were that simple.

Bill Clinton adds a layer of complexity that makes the possibility of an Obama and Clinton Democratic ticket highly unlikely. The 2008 public version of Bill Clinton is much different than the 1998 version. Today’s Bill Clinton is prone to explosive emotional outbursts, rash comments and physically does not command the same type of presence that he did 10 years ago as President. He is frail and red faced while the old Bill Clinton was bigger than life with a charisma that was not seen in the Democratic party since the days of JFK. These days, he comes off as an angry, old man. In his second term, he was able to gain the support of the Reagan Democrat’s based, in part, on his ability to convince people that he was the victim. Nowadays, he is often guilty of making others into victims. While this worked to Obama’s favor in the primaries, does he really want to risk Bill Clinton turning John McCain into a sympathetic figure?

There is one other aspect to a potential Obama and Clinton Democratic ticket that should give Senator Obama pause; will the Clinton’s promote themselves as co-Presidents? Can you hear Bill Clinton telling insiders, “Don’t worry, we’re going to help him through this. We won’t let his inexperience hurt us or the country”. Does anyone really believe that Bill Clinton would not make a statement similar to the one I imagined? How can Obama retain his creditability as a leader and candidate with Mrs. Clinton on the ticket? If Obama is elected President, will he be able to effectively govern given the Clinton’s proclivity towards the spotlight and need for attention? For all of these reasons, despite the block of important voters that Hillary could deliver as Obama’s Vice-President, I do not believe that there will be an Obama and Clinton Democratic ticket. Now, when you read Obama’s personal email to me, then you may disagree. Let me know what you think. While I am interested in everyone’s thoughts, I am very keen on learning the thoughts of current supporters of Barack Obama.

From: “Barack Obama” Add sender to Contacts To: Me
Hillary Clinton announced her support for our campaign today.

Senator Clinton made history over the past 16 months — not just because she has broken barriers, but because she has inspired millions of Americans with her strength, her courage, and her commitment to causes like universal health care that make a difference in the lives of hardworking Americans.

Our party and our country are stronger because of the work she has done throughout her life, and I’m a better candidate for having had the privilege of competing with her.

Senator Clinton will be invaluable to our efforts to win in November, and I look forward to campaigning alongside her to bring this country the change it so desperately needs.

Hillary and her supporters are joining us at an urgent moment.

It’s going to require a new level of commitment from every single one of us to build a national campaign in the general election.

And we’re going win this election the right way — by growing our grassroots network of ordinary people giving only what they can afford.

Will you help by making your first donation today?

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It’s time for all of us to come together to take on John McCain in the general election. John McCain offers another four years of George Bush’s policies, which our country simply cannot afford.

To win, we must continue building an unprecedented organization in all 50 states. And that will only happen if we all work together, side-by-side.

Thank you for joining this movement and supporting a new kind of politics.

Together we can do more than just win an election. Together we can change this country, and we can change the world.

And we are honored to have Hillary Clinton at our side as we do it.