Meet Franni Franken, wife of comedian and U.S. Senate candidate from Minnesota. Read her biography, see photos and a video of her below.

Franni Franken stood by her husband, Al Franken, when he received the DFL nomination as the Democratic candidate for the United States Senate representing Minnesota. He will challenge incumbent U.S. Senator Norm Coleman to reclaim the seat for the Democrats. The Senate seat was once held by Senator Paul Wellstone, who was killed in a plane crash in 2002.

Franken won the nomination by acclamation after a day of debating and speeches. Franken had to apologize for some of his past statements and writings, specifically a column he wrote for Playboy magazine a few years ago. Its considered sexually explicit and demeaning to women. He vowed that as their Senator he’d be a champion for women and all Minnesotans. Interestingly, most of the democrats blamed the GOP for releasing the article he had written as opposed to blaming him for having written it. Once he was challenged and apologized for having written the article, he won the nomination.

Franni Franken Biography

Franni Bryson grew up as one of five children of a widowed mother in Portland, Maine. Her family struggled to make ends meet with very little income from her mother’s job in the produce department of a grocery store. They managed, over the years, to send all four girls in the family to college and the son went into the Coast Guard and became an electrical engineer. Franni’s mother used a GI loan (her father was a World War II veteran) to further her education and because a teacher of disadvantaged children through the Title One program.

Franni Bryson was attending Simmons College when she met and started dating Al Franken. He was attending Harvard at the time. They married in 1976. They lived in New York during most of Franken’s career as a comedian with Saturday Night Live and into his political activism. After both of their children had left home, they moved back to Minnesota in 2005.

Al and Franni Franken have two children. Their daughter, Thomasin, is 28-years-old, a graduate of Harvard and a school teacher in New York City. She has currently left her school teaching position to work full-time in her father’s Senatorial campaign. Their son, Joe, is 23-years-old, a graduate of Princeton and a mechanical engineer.

Franni Franken – Video